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Lifetime Ceramic Coating Package

Ceramic Paint Coating

The Lifetime Package is the ultimate package for anyone looking for the best paint protection. If you are a car enthusiast or someone looking to maintain their vehicle in the best form, this package is perfect for you. Ceramic coating is ideal for preventing scratches and swirl marks because it creates a thick, durable layer of protection.

Lifetime Package Includes:

  • Hand wash
  • Clay bar
  • 3 steps of Paint correction
  • 1 layer of base coat
  • 2 layers of top coat
  • Repel on all glass (3-year warranty)
  • Ion on wheel faces (5-year warranty)
  • Interior cleaned

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

  • Last longer than wax
  • Cost-effective
  • Enhances your vehicle’s profile
  • Exterior stays cleaner
  • Durable paint protection

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Why Is Paint Correction Important?

Before you can install a ceramic coating on your vehicle, you must address any imperfections on your exterior. Paint correction and protection are the first steps to maintaining a glossy exterior. We offer 3 stages of paint correction. This is highly recommended before putting any ceramic coating on your exterior because if any markings are not taken care of beforehand, the coating will seal it in. Try out our paint correction services today!


Lifetime Package

Ceramic Coating Lifetime Package
Lifetime warranty

5-Year Package

Ceramic Coating 5-Year Package
5-year warranty

2-Year Package

Ceramic Coating 2-Year Package
2-year warranty

6-Month Package

Ceramic Coating 6-Month Package
6-month warranty


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