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Wheel / Caliper Ceramic Coating Package

Ceramic Paint Coating

Our wheels and caliper ceramic coating package will save you the hassle of cleaning brake dust. Brake dust over time, if not dealt with properly, can ruin your wheel’s painted surface. If you’ve ever tried to clean your brake dust, you know that it’s very difficult. Road elements and brake dust are the top factors that deteriorate your wheels. Ceramic coating prevents dust that has built up over time, and makes cleaning in the future much easier. Try our wheel and caliper ceramic coating package to increase the longevity of your wheels.

Wheel /Caliper Package Includes:

  • Wheels off
  • 5-year warranty
  • Wheel drums
  • Brake Caliper
  • Wheel faces

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

  • Heat resistant
  • Easier to clean brake dust
  • Shield against road elements (gravel, rock chips, etc.)
  • Chemical resistant
  • Prevents future brake dust build up

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Is Brake Dust Bad?

If brake dust isn’t properly cleaned, it builds up over time and damages your wheel’s surface. Removing brake dust is very hard, and without protection, it’s even harder. Ceramic coating will make cleaning up brake dust effortless. Ceramic coating will increase your wheel’s lifespan because it protects the paint against road elements such as rock chips and gravel from scratching your wheels.


Lifetime Package

Ceramic Coating Lifetime Package
Lifetime warranty

5-Year Package

Ceramic Coating 5-Year Package
5-year warranty

2-Year Package

Ceramic Coating 2-Year Package
2-year warranty

6-Month Package

Ceramic Coating 6-Month Package
6-month warranty


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