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Clear Bra Jasper

SunTek Clear Bra Film Installed by Kryptic Wrx

Kryptic Wrx provides the best clear bra Jasper has to offer! Clear bra film provides ultimate paint protection and prevents damage from rock chips and scratching. Our brand of choice is SunTek. We install SunTek Ultra Clear Bra Film. There are a great deal of companies who only install the film and don’t use a top coat. It’s imperative to install the top coat because the top coat is self-healing. This means if you get a scratch in it, or it’s damaged by a rock chip, or tree sap falls on it, the top coat will actually heal itself and make itself smooth again. Parking your car in the sun or a warm garage will allow the top coat to heal itself in a matter of minutes. Clear Bra can be applied to the front end of your car and to areas more prone to damage It can also be applied to the entire car for superior protection.

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Clear Bra Jasper: Benefits

  • Protection from Rock Chips
  • Self-Healing Top Coat
  • Invisible Film
  • 10 Year Warranty


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